About Us


Pavones Realty is a fledgling real estate company owned and operated by Katie Mann, who first came to Pavones in 2005 as a monkey biologist.  She has a Master’s in Primate Conservation that she carried out in Pavones. Over the course of the years she has lived in Pavones for seven years.  She has lived in three of the principal communities in Pavones and  is an excellent resource for helping clients choose the right property.  Katie has a daughter named Phoenix who is a Costa Rican citizen and attends the local schools.  Katie has her own property in Cocal Amarillo de Pavones.  Katie is dedicated to the local community and commits 10% of her income to local education, conservation and sustainable development projects.  Katie speaks fluent Spanish and has legal residency as well as permission to work.  She has been certified to sell real estate by the Board of Costa Rican Realtors (CCBR).  She is dedicated to seeing Pavones grow sustainably; she is the member of a local rural tourism cooperative.  Katie is committed to transparent property sales and has the best interest of her clients in mind.